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I recently read through Your Next Five Moves by Patrick Bet-David. One of the things that stood out after reading through this book five times is that every person needs to find their own path to success and that there are many different paths we can take. As Patrick said:

Wealth and success are not waiting for most of us at the top of anyone else's ladder. A richer life—financially, emotionally, and intellectually—is possible only when you take responsibility for your own success.

Here are some of the examples he gave:

The concept of an “intrepreneur” was really interesting, and I believe this is the path best suited for me.

In the book, Patrick details the following qualities of a successful intrepreneur:

  1. You think like an entrepreneur

  2. You work like an entrepreneur

  3. You possess the urgency of an entrepreneur

  4. You innovate like an entrepreneur

  5. You protect the brand (and money) like an entrepreneur

He then goes on to expound upon this:

Intrepreneurs don't act or think like regular employees; they act and think like owners. They're not working for a paycheck; they're working to build something that gives them pride and fulfillment. In doing so, they want recognition, autonomy, resources, and ownership... Intrepreneurs work within the system but find ways to improve themselves while also improving the company.

So if you're like me and it resonates with you that you want to be an intrepreneur, what should you do? The book gives the following advice:

Go to the top person and ask what you can do to own a piece of the company. If he or she says, “Nothing”, leave. If he or she says, “Something.” stick around and hit the goals that you set up together as a condition of ownership.

It's all about taking ownership and control over the path you want to take. Decide what you want to become, chart a path to get there, and start taking steps. This will require you to leave your comfort zone and jump into some uncharted waters.

Take some time to figure out which path to success you want to aim for and the next several steps that are going to take you closer.

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